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Consultant and Registrar Anaesthesiologists for Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai Units

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Being the largest Corporate Anaesthesia Group in India with more than 170 anaesthesiologists with over 10 million skilled man hours in the field, administering over 40,000 anaesthetics annually across Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Vizag

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Axon provides a conducive platform for enthusiastic Anaesthetists to Prep-up their skills in various subspecialties of Obstetric, Paediatric, Regional, Cardiac, Neuro, Liver, Bariatric and Transplant Anaesthesia along with Fellowships and DNB training

For Patients

With the motto of "Patient Safety First'', Axon is among the first in the private sector to identify and promote patient safety before, during and after surgery for more than two decades.

Who we are!

Four anaesthesiologists who became the founding directors of the company conceived Axon Anaesthesia Associates. The initial idea of group practice was envisaged during their postgraduate training and this dream was realized in 2002, on their return from the USA and UK. The group expanded with the addition of more talented and experienced professionals to the group as directors and consultants over subsequent years. Further changes are ongoing, with long-term associates being offered shareholding in the parent company.

Axon's unique strength lies in its team. Many of the anaesthesiologists including the founders had their initial anaesthetic trained in India, which was followed up with further specialization and experience in UK, USA, Ireland, Singapore and other countries. This has given them a unique perspective to successfully integrate western and Indian anaesthesia standards (understanding the practicalities in India), without compromising quality and safety. Junior associates are groomed to improve their leadership qualities to head their own units under the umbrella of Axon Anaesthesia Associates.

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Our Latest News

We have forayed into new geographies-Viskhapatnam and expanding in the existing cities.

We have added a new facet to our organization in the form of remote ICU and Home monitoring by partnering with a company called Eaccess, which is a TeleICU platform.

We have designed new protective gear for OTs against Covid-19, thus safeguarding our associates and other OT staff.

We were among the first few in the country to take the first step in tackling Covid+ve surgical patients.