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Consultant and Registrar Anaesthesiologists for Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai Units

Academics, Education and Training

Education and Training

Axon Anaesthesia Associates believes in the concept of continuing education of anaesthetists. That translates to patient safety first and better patient care in our practice. Attending academic sessions is compulsory, since it serves as an occasion where the various associates can exchange views and form policies. Moreover, Axon is active in the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, Society of Critical Care Medicine, Academy of Regional Anaesthesia, Indian Association of Paediatric Anaesthesiologists, Association of Obstetric Anaesthesiologists etc. Consultants from the group are invited as faculty to their meetings. We have done our bit in promoting the cause of organ donation to the community. Regular bi annual workshops are held on ultrasound guided regional blocks. Fresh postgraduates into anaesthesia can be assured of variety in their practice, and seniors can continue to improve their medical education. Axon Anaesthesia Associates provides a hedged fund for conference attendance for the associates and actively encourages their participation in various fora of anaesthesia, pain and intensive care. Finally, an active DNB anaesthesia-teaching programme takes care of the teaching of diplomate candidates. An active FNB in critical care programme provides focused critical care teaching. It should also be mentioned that Axon has been awarding a Gold Medal every year to anaesthesia trainees from Osmania Medical College, by donating Rs 3.5 lakhs.

Clinical Fellowships

Axon Anaesthesia Associates in association with its partner hospitals announces one year clinical fellowships in the following sub-specialties of Anaesthesia :

  • Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Care Hospitals)

  • Liver Transplant Fellowship (in partnership with Global Hospitals)

  • Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship (in Hyderabad)

  • Bariatric Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Global Hospitals)

  • Obstetric and Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Rainbow Hospitals)

  • Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Rainbow Hospitals)

  • Critical Care Fellowship (in partnership with Global Hospitals)

  • Fellowship in Onco-Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine (FOAPM) (in partnership with Cytecare Hospital, Bengaluru)