Positions Open

Consultant and Registrar Anaesthesiologists for Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai Units


Clinical Fellowships

Axon Anaesthesia Associates in association with its partner hospitals announces one year clinical fellowships in the following sub-specialties of Anaesthesia :

  1. Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Care Hospitals)
  2. Bariatric Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Global Hospitals)
  3. Liver Transplant Fellowship (in partnership with Global Hospitals)
  4. Obstetric and Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Rainbow Hospitals)
  5. Paediatric Anaesthesia Fellowship (in partnership with Rainbow Hospitals)
  6. Critical Care Fellowship (in partnership with Global Hospitals)
  7. Fellowship in Onco-Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine (FOAPM) (in partnership with Cytecare Hospital, Bengaluru)


A diplomate of the national board (DNB) course runs in three of the hospitals where axon anaesthesia associates operates. The Dnb students have regular classes, access to an excellent library of journals and textbooks, and importantly exposure to various specialities and techniques. Most of our working centres have an "always on" broadband Internet access.


A person holding a postgraduate diploma or degree enters into the group as a registrar. Registrars work independently and under the supervision of a consultant. A night duty is followed by a 24-hour day off. 24 days paid leave along with medical insurance cover and allowance to attend conferences are part of the perks. There is a choice of skills to acquire from the group and grow into an independent consultant.


A person enters the group as a consultant after three years as a registrar after MD and four years after DA. The consultant works independently, and with help at a junior level for complex cases. A day off is allowed if there is a night duty in the hospital. Thirty days paid leave, medical insurance, malpractice cover and conference allowance is also provided. Axon provides a challenging yet congenial atmosphere at the place of work, and an ample opportunity to use their skills.