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Consultant and Registrar Anaesthesiologists for Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai Units

For Doctors

Axon Anaesthesia Associates is a wonderful platform for enthusiastic anaesthesiologists to update their skills, learn new techniques and acquire experience in the subspecialties of Obstetric, Paediatric, Regional, Cardiac, Neuro, Liver, Bariatric and Transplant Anaesthesia. For those beginning their careers, Axon offers the chance for structured training followed by a progressive increase in responsibilities. For those who are more experienced, Axon gives an excellent opportunity to practice and consolidate their skills.

All the associates have the common aim of ensuring high quality, evidence-based and patient-centred anaesthetic service. There is strong emphasis on academic activities for all associates, with both learning and teaching opportunities. Axon conducts Fellowships in various subspecialties in its partner hospitals in addition to DNB training. There are weekly academic sessions which all associates are encouraged to attend and actively participate.

Unlike “freelancing” anaesthesia practice, where the anaesthetist has to negotiate with the hospital management for their payments, members of Axon are saved these hassles since they are paid promptly before the 7th of every month.

The other fantastic feature of working with Axon is the camaraderie of shared experiences and responsibilities, with the opportunity to have the perfect "work-life" balance.