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Consultant and Registrar Anaesthesiologists for Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai Units

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Axon Anaesthesia Associates Pvt Ltd. is the largest Corporate Anaesthesia Group (and possibly the largest Medical Professional Group) in India with over 20 years of presence in the industry, with more than 170 anaesthesiologists (with over 10 million skilled man hours in the field) working with it. We provide anaesthesia and critical care cover to several hospitals in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Vizag. We administer more than 40,000 anaesthetics annually across the Group.

We provide a complete solution for theatres and critical care areas in terms of personnel, equipment, admin, logistics etc. The hospital can have a single point of interaction for the entire department (there will be a designated HOD), who will ensure the provision of anaesthetic services as required according to our commitment. Hence, there will not be any interruption in service due to staff shortages etc. as Axon will provide a seamless service both in the day and the nights.

The anaesthetic techniques used by Axon are advantageous to the hospital for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Personnel and protocols to deal with all kinds of cases, choosing appropriate techniques and monitoring for high-risk patients
  2. Quality of anaesthetic care, providing a safe and pleasant experience for patients before, during and after surgery
  3. Economy: We use low flows of gases during anaesthesia, reducing the consumption of volatile anaesthetic agents and also avoid nitrous oxide, both of which result in cost saving during general anaesthesia.
  4. The use of various regional anaesthesia techniques during and after surgery again reduces anaesthetic costs.

Business improvement: Our reputation as safe and efficient anaesthesia provides will encourage more surgeons to operate in your place, because of their confidence in Axon. Visiting surgeons are encouraged to bring more high-risk patients to your centre specially for anaesthetic care, and they are even likely to join as full-timers. This can be facilitated by Axon because of their ubiquitous presence and connections with surgeons. These gains can translate into numbers, making the association even more attractive.

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