Positions Open

Consultant and Registrar Anaesthetists in General Anaesthesia - For Hyderabad and Chennai Units.


Group Practice

Axon Anaesthesia Associates was one of the pioneers in developing the concept of an anaesthesia group practice in India. At the present time, Axon Anaesthesia Associates remains the largest and most successful such programme in the country. It combines the flexibility of private practice with the organisation of a fully-fledged department. A bank of skilled anaesthetists is available 24/7, or just a phone call away. Moreover, one does not work alone; there is a redundancy of personnel to help in case of emergency. Since Axon works at multiple sites, individual anaesthesiologists have job security and stability. This is a group which has been created and run by anaesthetists, who themselves have worked abroad and in India. Obviously, they fully understand the concerns and requirements of an anaesthetist; making Axon Anaesthesia Associates an attractive career choice.

A group practice is a good business proposition for a hospital; the administration does not have to bother to headhunt for personnel there is a ready availability of a talent pool. The staffing can be scaled as per the complexity and the number of cases.

Pooling Skills & Collective Thinking

Axon anaesthesia associates has a pool of knowledge and skills, which are easily transferred between various units. There are people with special interest in various specialties of anesthesia including ventilation, transplantation, paediatrics, obstetrics, critical care, regional anaesthesia, cardiac, trans oesophageal echocardiography, vascular anaesthesia, etc. Any hospital or group member can tap these resources and improve their skills and outcomes. Continuing education and weekly classes are a meeting place where ideas are exchanged and policies propagated.


Axon anaesthesia associates creates a sense of ownership of the group within the members. There is a definitive career path from registrar to consultant level and to rise to a management or partnership level.